Plumm Story
Using the right wine glass can mean the difference between a good glass of wine and a great one

Just as listening to music requires the right acoustics, great wine needs the right wine glass to showcase everything it has to offer.

Plumm has achieved this goal with a balance of simplicity and elegance backed by extensive research and input from some of the world's leading winemakers and industry professionals.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Plumm is the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. Produced in Europe from the highest quality crystal Plumm is designed to be enjoyed every day.

Plumm Team
Born and bred in Melbourne

The process of designing Plumm was an amazing experience for the young Plumm team.

Plumm are proud to be the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles, producing the highest quality in crystal and unbreakable glassware.

The Plumm team sought opinions from some of the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers, wine judges and wine writers. It was their job to sniff, swirl, slurp, argue and inspire and needless to say, without their help, we would never have created the glasses we have.


Palate Development
Designed to improve

From Plumm's extensive testing and research, Plumm concluded that there were four distinctive glass shapes, two for red and two for white, that noticeably improved the wine drinking experience.

Plumm simply named these glasses REDa, REDb, WHITEa and WHITEb.

In addition they designed a glass specifically for sparkling wine and champagne. For the perfect glass to match your favourite wine, Plumm have developed the Plumm Glass Palate.