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All About Mums

All About Mums

29 April 2020
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Celebrate mum with the perfect Australian pairing.

Meet Narelle King: Mum and Tar & Roses Winemaker

Narelle considers herself a mum first, partner second and winemaker third. "My purpose is really to ensure my children grow up well rounded and resilient" Narelle says, as well as "making the best wine you can from each vintage."

​The King Valley Prosecco is new to the Tar & Roses range, and with it a brand-new label which draws inspiration from the women in her life: her mother and daughter. It’s a subtle nod to the strength of family and women. Not to mention delicious.​

A spritzy yet soft palate of light green apple and citrus mousse, refreshing with a crisp finish. Made for fun.​

Narelle’s philosophy is to make the effort to do the one percenters - with both family and wine. It’s often the little things that make the difference.​


Plumm Three - The Sommelier Series

Designed in collaboration with leading Australian sommeliers and crafted from ultra fine European crystal. The No 2, The White Glass, is designed for aromatic, crisp whites, sparkling & Champagne. ​

​The open bowl of the No 2 glass opens up the aromatic expressions of Prosecco. It then allows you to taste the complexities and textures while keeping the beading and bubbles to tickle your nose and enhance your taste buds. To keep things simple, the No 2 glass has also been designed for aromatic, crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.​



Narelle King of Tar & Roses