I can’t get the stickers off my new glasses!

Please remove the stickers from your new glasses before their first wash, as the hot water can cause the adhesive to become harder to remove.

How do I clean my glasses?

We recommend using a Plumm polishing cloth to clean the glasses. Please hold the bowl of the glass whilst cleaning and not the stem.

Where are Plumm wine glasses made?

All Plumm’s range of crystal glasses are made in Europe.

Are all products dishwasher safe?

All Plumm glassware products are dishwasher friendly. Due to the size and weight of the decanters, we recommend washing them using the decanter beads.

Is the glassware and packaging recyclable?

Plumm glass mass is made from all natural and environmentally friendly components. There is no cadmium in our glassware and all glassware is fully recyclable.

All Plumm packaging is 100% recyclable. The cardboard Plumm used in all retail packaging is from 60% recycled material and 40% new material. The polypropylene sleeves on our stemless boxes are from 100% new material and are also 100% recyclable.

Where can I hire Plumm glassware for an event?

Please contact for details of hire companies in your state who will be able to assist you for your next event.

How do I go about stocking Plumm wine glasses at my retail outlet?

Please write to us at so that we can put you in touch with your local Plumm sales representative. They will be able to discuss your requirements, pricing and provide samples of our range.

How do I go about stocking Plumm Wine Glasses at my restaurant or bar?

Plumm is distributed to the food service industry by Mezzanine the Fine Wine Specialists, part of the Joval Wine Group. Please write to us at and we will put you in contact with a Mezzanine Plumm Representative; or contact your relevant Mezzanine state manager.

Can Plumm provide my business or organization with sponsorship?

The Plumm team are always happy to discuss new sponsorship opportunities, please write to us at with your proposal or request and our marketing team will be in touch.