Design. For wine.

Our Range

Plumm applied their findings to a range of materials and a number of production methods. The end result was four distinctively different ranges of glassware - Plumm Handmade Vintage (mouth-blown crystal), Plumm Vintage, Plumm Stemless and Plumm Outdoors (unbreakable polycarbonate).


Each glass is individually mouth blown and handcrafted from premium European crystal following traditional processes that are hundreds of years old


Made from European crystal the Plumm range are designed to be enjoyed every day


Plumm Three

Ultra-fine European crystal glasses developed in conjunction with leading Australian sommeliers. Designed to enhance the modern experience of wine and dining.


Every day Plumm


Made from European crystal or unbreakable polycarbonate these glasses are based on the Plumm Vintage bowl shapes and enhance every drinking experience


Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses that look and behave like the real thing

Handmade Vintage
From $110.48 per glass

Plumm VintageFrom $43.48 per glass

Plumm Three$54.96 per glass

Plumm Everyday$24.99 per glass

Plumm Stemless$22.24 per glass

Plumm OutdoorsFrom $10.74 per glass