Designed for Red Wine


Developing red wine glassware

A red wine glass bowl needs to be full and rounded with a large opening to allow your nose into the glass to experience the aroma of the wine. Red wines benefit from a larger bowl, which offers greater surface area for aeration, and allows the wine to 'breathe' and fully release the aroma and bouquet of the wine, whilst keeping tannin and oak in balance

Plumm's extensive research with winemakers and industry professionals has led them to design two red wine glasses that they simply call REDa and REDb.

Plumm believe that most red wines can be distinguished into those that are robust and full bodied, and those that are medium to light bodied.

REDbDesigned for Medium to Light Bodied Red Wine

Medium to lighter bodied red wines require a large bowl with a smaller opening. The shape of the REDb captures more delicate floral and fruit aromas found in wine styles including Pinot Noir, Burgundy and Nebbiolo.