"Whether you know a little about wine or a lot, this is a beautiful glass to taste wine from."

Matt Dunne
Sommelier|Wine Ambassador|Wine Judge & Communicator

"For me when choosing glassware it is about respecting the time & effort that has gone into making a wine. Plumm delivers this in every way, the elegance, the thought process behind different styles and varietals. Definitely my go to from now on."

Louella Mathews
Group Sommelier of the Trippas White Group, Wine Consultant, Writer, Judge, Event Host and Influencer.

"As a restaurateur and lover of great wine, I know to use Plumm glasses ahead of any other brand."

Chris Lucas
Chin Chin & Go Go Bar, Hawker Hall, Kong, Baby

"Aesthetically, a fine stem enhances the enjoyment of wine and Plumm provides a combination of design elegance and quality craftsmanship in a simple, durable range that covers all our service needs."

Sophie Otton
Owner/Sommelier She Loves You, Newtown

"I am so impressed by the Plumm Outdoors range… Real glasses but lightweight and unbreakable. Brilliant."


"The Plumm Handmade Vintage glasses have been a fantastic addition to our stemware collection at Attica. They enhance the wine experience whilst being beautiful in both form and function."


"I have been stealing the Plumm Stemless Glasses from the bar to use for decadent desserts… Everything you put in them looks great!"

Geoff Lindsey

"These glasses are the most durable glasses I have used in restaurants and at home in the last 20 years."

Gusto Da Gianni

"Plumm glassware is more durable than other glassware we looked at and it fits the bill in terms of what we want in variety and quality."

Andrew Walsh
Cure Singapore

"Don't be fooled into thinking you need a different glass for every wine – you don't - you just need a handful of well-designed and practical glasses to cover all bases. That's why the Plumm range of glassware is genius"

Matt Skinner
Sommelier, Wine Judge, Wine Journalist