Developing white wine glassware

A white wine glass should be designed to enhance the characteristics and components of the white wine style. Aromatic white wines require a small bowl to help capture the aromas, whilst Oaked Chardonnay and aged white wines require a medium size bowl to enhance the complexity of the wines.

Plumm's extensive research with winemakers and industry professionals led them to design two white wine glasses that they simply call WHITEa and WHITEb

Plumm believe that most white wines can be distinguished into those that are crisp and fresh and those that are medium bodied and oaked.

WHITEbDesigned for Medium Bodied & Oaked White Wines

Medium bodied and Oaked white wines require a larger bowl and wider opening to allow the wines to breathe and be in balance.

The WHITEb design enhances the complex profile of Oaked Chardonnay, White Burgundy, Aged Semillon and other medium bodied and oaked white wines.